Our Consulting Service Lines

Welcome to M. S. Stegall & Associates, LLC' management consulting service lines. The company's service lines are positioned around three major categories representing the needs and wants of senior health care leaders:

  • Improve quality, service, and profitability. 

  • Value people, innovation, and teamwork.

These outcomes are the "core" of every health care institution--they are important today and will be important 20 years from now.  To effect these outcomes, the status quo must change--leadership must become decisive and choose the path that leads to the desired future state.

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement

Process Improvement: Flavor of the Month or Real Tangible Value?

Absolutely, process improvement, when done right, provides real tangible value.  But just what is "done right?"

  1. Driven by healthcare leaders--a top down initiative.

  2. Everyone participates--you learn process improvement by doing it--includes CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Vice Presidents at all levels.

  3. Process improvement needs to become your institution's operational philosophy--this means everybody has to change how they do their jobs.

  4. Training must be mandatory and on-going starting at the top.

  5. Lean management and Gemba walks must become part of the fabric of your organization.

  6. Choose an approach, not lots of them--your value will be greater if you focus on one methodology.

  7. Lean is a war against waste in your organization; six sigma is a war against variation in service delivery.

    • ​Eliminate the wastes first; waste is nothing but pure non-value adding activities--use Lean.

    • Then seek world class delivery with Six Sigma tools.

    • It makes no sense to seek perfection of a wasteful process! 

Laboratory Operational Planning for Growth and/or Cost Savings

​Laboratory operational planning, working with and through a management consultant, can be a very successful and satisfying experience.  If you are the economic sponsor of the engagement, the keys to successful outcomes are fourfold:

  1. You have clarified and shared your business and personal objectives for the engagement with the consulting professional,

  2. You have develop a “one-on-one” business relationship with the selected management consultant based on a foundation of mutual trust and respect,

  3. You have accepted the responsibility to sponsor the project and have introduced the consulting professional and team along with their contracted scope of work to relevant stakeholders in the organization, and

  4. You have insisted upon weekly or biweekly project update sessions with the consulting team’s project director.

Mentoring, Coaching, and Training for Mid-level Healthcare Managers

This is a new service line for me after 22 years of management consulting.  I am developing it because I perceive there is an unmet need for it in the healthcare industry.  I am most often hired by senior healthcare leaders but perform the majority of my work with their mid-level managers. 

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